IVIO Eye Clinic

The clinic was created as an investor’s vision of a modern medical facility where the client-patient will not feel like they’re at the doctor’s office. An environment that meets the most demanding requirements for technology, hygiene, movement of mobile and immobile patients and staff, and at the same time calms the patient with its natural mood and allows them to relax a little while waiting for the procedure.

Operating rooms, ambulances, waiting rooms as well as medical areas, a training center, a unique WetLab in Slovakia, or a research laboratory are spatially designed in the spirit of a behavioral approach, re-evaluating the location of each part cleverly according to the movement of people and the situations taking place.


MUUR studio; Vladimír Netík, Marianna Markusková

Ivio Clinic

Year of completion

Trnava, Slovakia

Total area
1.160 m2

Matej Hakár

Project Partners

Graphic design: Radko Čepček

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