Intra lighting’s vision is giving solutions to every challenge regarding illumination. The company does not only create architectural luminaires but more so provides holistic lighting solutions answering customer’s needs. From 1989 a team of experienced professionals actively collaborates with architects and lighting designers worldwide. The thirty-year tradition, constant investments into research and development, a sense of aesthetics, and nonetheless environmental consciousness, places the company among the leaders in their field.

Referential projects:
Intra lighting is a leading brand for smart lighting solutions globally, solidified by the fact that it’s present on 68 global markets. It is illuminating numerous interior projects from boutique stores to bigger shopping malls, restaurants, hospitality, health, education buildings, centers of culture, industrial architecture, warehouses, as well as private premises. It is no coincidence that it is trusted by brands Armani, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Ferrari, and alike.

Presenting novelties: Dawn
Dawn combines the precision of design with uncompromised technical finishes. The light which it emits resembles the morning dawn. It is indirect, dispersed. Its source is craftily hidden under an elegant edge leaving luminaire’s interior clean, constructed with considerable attention to detail. The elegant and mindful design of the luminaire Dawn has been awarded three noteworthy recognitions by Good Design Tokyo, Good Design Chicago, and lastly by Red Dot Award.

Solutions which provides:
One of the challenges of contemporary business interiors is bringing in elements, which with their style create a feeling of coziness, yet at the same time, they follow the latest technological developments. Luminaire Dawn tackles them both. Its unique look resembling the luminaires you see above dining tables ads elements of warmth and an aesthetic note. While its high functionality derives from an innovative solution of having a dispersed light, mimicking the morning dawn. Hence the name, Dawn fills space with tenderness and freshness. The exterior comes in different colors, playing up various types of ambients. It suits hotels, offices, libraries, restaurants, and nonetheless your homes.

Where do you see architects benefitting from this knowledge?
Nowadays the planning of lighting solutions runs simultaneously with giving answers to architectural questions or arranging spaces. We spend lots of time inside. Smart lighting solutions are so vital for the quality of our living. Besides that, the designer luminaires perfectly embellish the ambient, creating a polished and collective whole.


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