High Tech Resort in a Jungle

The foundation of interior design is a harmonious combination of elements inspired by nature and a modern technocratic style. The concept was to create spaces that are welcoming, warm, inviting, and conducive to efficient work. We achieved this primarily with spaces inspired by the jungle, simulating the natural environment. This effect was accomplished through indoor gardens, lush green plants, numerous wooden surfaces, and soft ambient lighting. Secondly, we incorporated light colors and surfaces, such as beige and mid-tone wood, which create a calming effect.

Furthermore, we integrated the Japanese interior style into the design, thus establishing a balance between Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality. The project is the first in Hungary in the Commercial Interiors category to receive a LEED v4 Platinum rating. For the client, it was particularly important to ensure a sustainable future by designing and implementing the built environment in the spirit of this awareness.


Capstone Management; Norbert Bányai, Anett Farkas, Petra Csizik, Éva Csordás, Fruzsina Farkas, Csilla Fehér, Karina Szücs-Tassy, Emőke Tóth-Kispál


Year of completion

Budapest, Hungary

Total area
4.181 m2

Endre Véssey

Project Partners

Solinfo, LumoConcept, Eston International Ingatlantanácsadó Zrt., Floor by Blue, Decorfloor

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