A charging tool for electric vehicles to support sustainable mobility. Giotto offers a comfortable and functional recharging solution thanks to the luminous interface visible from various angles and the design of the cable reel support. The design starts from the need to combine usability and flexibility of installation with the performance of a highly technical product, communicating the identity of the brand and the company philosophy. Around the technological heart of Giotto, there is an enveloping shell, waterproof and fireproof, that is characterized by continuous and rounded lines. The outer shell, molded in one piece and with no visible screws, allows interchangeability with other colors. A WallBox is able to adapt to different installations: wall-mounted, on a pole, or with a double-sided pole to recharge two vehicles at the same time.


Makio Hasuike & co., Italy

REV S.R.L., Italy

Year of production

Makio Hasuike & co. and Repower

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