Extension of the Catholic gymnasium, Třebíč

Architecture: The extension of the gymnasium is an intervention into the existing school complex, which is located in the former Capuchin monastery in Třebíč. The new building replaced the one-storey temporary building from the totalitarian era. On the south side, the extension follows the direction of a neighboring building; on the north side, it creates an inner courtyard connected with an outdoor classroom.
The layout of the first floor opens through a glazed hall into the courtyard, on the second floor, there is a corridor oriented into an open terrace. Classrooms, laboratories and offices are arranged according to specific requirements of the school. The architecture is articulated in a simple follow-up archetypal shape with contemporary expression and details.
Construction and technology: The construction uses a combined system of load-bearing ceramic walls with reinforced concrete columns and ceilings. Materials – lime plaster, cembrit boards, terrazzo, aluminum window frames, gray painted steel, gneiss stone walls. In the interiors, there are used light terrazzo and oak parquet floors; doors and built-in furniture are made of maple wood.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The main characteristic of the architectural concept of this building is its reaction to the context of the nearest surroundings, which is the Capuchin monastery. The designed archetypal shape integrates the basic proportions of the historical monastery buildings with the strict contemporary means of expression and time determination. These links are further emphasized by careful selection of materials that are contemporary, but as well in a dialogue with the site.


Atelier Tišnovka; Petr Todorov, Miloš Klement

Episcopate of Brno

Year of completion

Třebíč, Czech Republic

Total area
1802 m2

Site area
598 m2


Project partners

mmcité1 a.s., Kroving s.r.o., zámečnictví Iva Komarovová- Kovovýroba, Nejez stavebně zámečnické práce spol. s.r.o., Kroving s.r.o., VW Wachal a.s., NUVIA a.s., Ateh lighting Brno, RAKO Rakovník LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o., Truhlářství Brtník, Antonín Brtník, Konektivita AV MEDIA, a.s.

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