Atelier Tišnovka

Atelier Tišnovka

Atelier Tišnovka was founded in 1992 by five architects from Brno, who have been working together almost in the same composition up to the present. The conceptual work of the studio is based on opinion affinity and similar professional approaches of individual architects. The significant unifying viewpoint of joint work is the respect for the fundamental values of European material culture, for the context of location of the building and also an effort of compact philosophy of architectural creation, built on moderation and sobriety.

One of important features is also an effort to connect an architectural concept with artwork.  In a work process, great emphasis is put on consistency of realization from an initial conceptual idea to the authors supervision during realization of the work on the construction site. There are 4-8 more employees in the studio, usually working in long-term intervals. The studio focuses on designing and planning of residential and public buildings, industrial buildings, interiors and urban planning. A significant specialization is designing reconstructions of historical buildings. The office provides all levels of project documentation, including author’s supervision, as well as the overall discussion of the work with an overlap to engineering activities.


Brno, Czech Republic




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