Eremito, Parrano (TR)

Eremito is “Contemporary Monastery” with ascetic concept created for a unique travel experience. Eremito, located in a Natural Reserve of Unesco, is made mostly for the solo traveler; it is a sanctuary for a digital detox experience, a celebration of a simple uncluttered life.
Eremito has been built from scratch with thousands of stones, almost each one sculpted to fit precisely into the structure, following the ancient art of Italian masonry of the 13th Century. It has taken four years of continuous hard work to accomplish what I set out to do and now the structure exists. It embodies modern technology together with materials, shapes and forms of ancient and rare beauty. Eremito stands on a hill surrounded by 3000 hectares of natural reserve. In this majestic isolation between the sky and the hills its silence is often just “disturbed” by the sound of wind…Eremito today is a special place where one can unwind and regenerate one’s body and spirit.



Marcello Murzilli

Eremito srl

Year of completion

Parrano (TR) Umbria, Italy

Total area
1000 m2

Site area
63 Hectares

Marco Ravasini

Project Partners

Cherubini Costruzioni S.a.s. Di Cherubini L. E Co.

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