Embers Restaurant

Embers Restaurant is a place of mixed oriental cuisine. As the basis for the concept, we took the idea of ​​combining different things in one, different layers of cooking and culture in one place. The idea of layering is expressed in the combination of materials from different eras: tiles, found in a Serbian village, that are a hundred years old, old traditional oriental carpets and 150years old bricks, that we found them during the destruction of a house.

These artifacts are combined with the artifact of the building itself: concrete walls, structural beams, smooth and pronounced concrete textures that were made during the construction of this house in the 80s. At the same time, new comfortable furniture made of light wood speaks of our modern era.


FREYA Architects

Embers Restaurant

Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
60 m2

Ilya Ivanov

Project Partners

Furniture: Hard Staff
Light: IKEA
Vintage empire

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