Community Center Sattledt, Austria

New buildings have been added to complement the existing structure, creating an interesting sequence of spaces and forming a new town center. A standalone structure and an angled one connect the surrounding streets, housing essential functions such as the municipal office with a large event center, the church, a daycare center, a library, shops, and cafes. This results in a lively marketplace for various events, a church square, a park, and a traffic-free town center with greenery.

The unobstructed view of the church and the community center is preserved, and alley-like structures, reminiscent of historically evolved cities, allow residents and visitors to stroll leisurely. Seating steps, shaded furniture, and cafes provide attractive meeting points for communicative interactions.


Architektinnen Schremmer-Jell ZT GmbH

Marktgemeinde Sattledt

Year of completion
2023 / 2024

Sattledt, Austria

Total area
2.230 m2

Site area
5000 m2

Kurt Hörbst

Project Partners

Statics: dipl. ing. Karl Hartl

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