Breakfast at Margina

The project aimed to highlight the tourist objectives in the area of Margina village using culture, traditions, and customs, especially gastronomy, as elements of attraction of tourists in the area. In the first phase, the most important tourist objectives in the area were identified, such as the three-century-old Wooden Churches or local museums, and then the activities with tourist potential were selected. Thus, local crafts practiced on a family scale were discovered and events were organized to promote them. The central element of the project – gastronomy – was the most dynamic factor in promoting the destination. If, in the beginning, old and traditional recipes that are still eaten in the houses of the locals were identified, gradually, the development of gastronomic events determined the locals to take out from dusty notebooks grandmothers’ recipes and turn them into very attractive dishes for tourists.


Margina City Hall, tour guide Damaris Sivu

The project is supported by
Margina City Hall and Margina Tourist Infocenter

Margina Village with the belonging and surrounding villages, Timiș County – Banat Region, Romania

Delia S.Barbu

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