VM 200GHC+

Model VM, a grass shredder intended for orchards and vineyards, was designed after a complete re-branding of the company. The idea was to use only technologies that give a superior and consistent quality of workmanship within the limitations of the material. The appearance of the machine is derived from the redesigned logo and features sharp motion-oriented lines, large flat surfaces in line with contemporary trends, and distinctive details.
The headstock resembles the characteristic silhouette of Mount Rtanj, at the foot of which the company is located. This mountain carries many positive connotations locally, which helps build trust. The reinforced side mask represents a horse\’s head, a symbol of strength, fidelity, and perseverance, further associating with the logo. Robustness is highlighted by ribs, while the impression of orderliness and discipline is achieved by concealed joining and bolt layout. Product graphics potentiate the main directions of the form and emphasize dynamics.


Vladimir Zagorac

FPM Agromehanika, Serbia

Year of production

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