Coca Cola HBC Fragkokklisias

With the aim and vision of implementing a design concept worthy of a pioneering company like Coca Cola 3E, we have taken into account modern applied theories. One prominent theory emphasizes creating workplaces that are as friendly and ‘intimate’ as possible for employees who spend their days living and creating there. According to this theory and the key question ‘what makes people happy in a workplace?’, many major innovative companies with a modern human profile have provided answers through the architectural structure of their offices.

Workplace architecture emphasizes pioneering large-scale planning and freedom of movement for the benefit of employees. The ultimate goal of our proposal is to make the best use of existing infrastructure and add multi-use inventive elements. Additionally, upgrading the presence of fine art in the workplace was based on the company’s main principles, such as authenticity, excellence, knowledge, concern for partners, teamwork, and customer respect. Our goal was to shape a space that reflects these values and inspires employees to embody them.

Diversity, which also characterizes the employees, is also considered in the formation of space. This creates a friendly and welcoming environment that contributes to the relaxation and socialization of both employees and guests.


Roi Giannopoulou Architects EE

Coca Cola HBC

Year of completion

Marousi, Athens, Greece

Total area
1.278 m2 / floor

Lambros Mentzos

Project Partners

Diolkos Development, Woodelse, Tsaoussoglou, Bright SA

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