BURE BAR, Osijek

Located in the old city center, pub represents a meeting point, with all activities organized around the central bar. Bar itself is the accent in industrial design ambience, with characteristically beer making motives and details. The main goal was to offer enjoying in different micro ambiences, forming a unity together. Pub is intended for all beer lovers, especially for those who want their surrounding to deliver something unique. Color scheme is inspired by the beer ingredients, and decoration is inspired by the production process.


A4 Studio

Tvrdja UGO d.o.o.

Year of completion

Osijek, Croatia

Total area
270 m2

Miloš Martinović

Project Partners

BHT, WOW Progetti d\’Interni, Union Drvo d.o.o., Struja d.o.o., OCTOGON d.o.o., S.A.B. AMBIJENT d.o.o.

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