Berg in Sicht

The project consists of eight houses, of which four at a time are arranged slightly rotated around a small square, from where they are accessible. There are two housing units per building, which are vertically separated. Because of the hillside situation, one house is arranged staggered to the other, following the sloping ground. This is not immediately recognisable from the outside. The level diffrence is only apparent on the corners, as the eaves are the same all around the house and the upper level windows are similar. The positioning allows an open, free living area on the floor level, while the bedrooms are located upstairs. The facade of the buildings, made of vertically arranged roughly cut larch planks, also shows that the houses are complety wooden buildings.


Steinkogler Aigner Architekten ZT GmbH

Anton Aigner GmbH

Year of completion

Leonstein, Austria

Total area
930 m2

Site area
8.700 m2

Martin Steinkellner

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Wooden Constuction: Holzbau Aigner GmbH – Joachim Aigner

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