Via Transilvanica

Via Transylvania is the first and longest long-distance trail in Romania, dedicated to hiking, biking, and horseback riding. It is the road that unites people in their diversity and authenticity. It’s the road that wishes to uncover Romania and represent its rich heritage across the Globe. It celebrates the ethnic, cultural, historical, natural, and geographical diversity of the country, which is still a mystery to the world. Via Transylvania has reached a final form, which can be described in numbers. It has 1.400 kilometers, and crosses ten counties in Romania which were grouped into seven cultural regions, as follows: Bucovina, The Highlands, Terra Siculorum, Terra Saxonum, Terra Dacica, Terra Banatica, Terra Romana.


Authors of the creative story
Tășuleasa Social Organisation

Tourism Entrepreneur
Tășuleasa Social Organisation

Year of completion

Transylvania, Romania

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