A Barca

A Barca is a Sustainable Tourism project, and at the same time a recovery of the cultural identity of Ligurian (and Mediterranean) fishermen. The means with which the fisherman went fishing is now recovered and reused as a Glamping Tent. The same shelter that the fisherman used as a refuge on some beach in case of bad weather is now the traveler’s shelter. Perfectly amalgamated in our coastal landscapes, the boat is saved from abandonment (the great fishing has favored its passing) and will find perfect accommodation in those structures, along the coast, where the cultural presence of seafarers is strong. Each boat will maintain its historical/geographical identity and will be accompanied by its own cultural plaque, in which the identity of the last captain, the name of the boat and the marine area will be a reason for uniqueness. The traveler will then be immersed in a journey within his own journey and will be able to fully experience the cultural identity of the place.


Stefano Sterpin

Tourism Entrepreneur

Year of completion

Sanremo, Italy

Total area
20 m2

Stefano Sterpin

Project Partners

Stefano Sterpin

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