The project is the joint response of client and architect to the post-corporate and post-digital condition of our decade. The architectural manifestation of the response tries to make the best of the neutral context of a year 2000 office building.
The client’s stance: the design should both functionally and aesthetically reflect the client company’s values, as presented in the slogan “Créateurs de convivialité”. Conviviality stands for the culture of sharing, friendliness, liveliness. The sincerity of this ideal became increasingly apparent as communication with the company team progressed.









Store D04; dontDIY studio │BIG SEE Awards 2018


Authors: dontDIY studio
Photos: Assen Emilov
Client: Pernod Ricard Bulgaria
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Surface: 220 m²

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