YUGO Memphis

The Yugo Memphis apartment is located in a prefabricated building from the modernist period. The space itself was dominated by concrete, function determines form, small rooms, and absence of decorations. The client’s request was quite the opposite. We decided on a mix of styles with an accent on Memphis design, considering that it is a style represented by the “Less is bore” movement. It is a style that opposes brutalism and post-war architecture and interior design. It is often described as excessive and ornate, as it is characterized by bright colors, geometric shapes, stripes, clashing shades, abstract designs and plastic laminate. It is characteristic that this project was created in the opposite direction, the space was shaped around the decoration, the smallest details determined the organization, the materials to be used and accentuation. The client was very involved in the design process. At the start, we received a list of all the things that would be in the apartment and a request that each one have its own special place and atmosphere. Given that this is the interior of a residential space, the client’s wish is a command for us, and after that, it should be included in some functional concept.


t.architectStudio; Teodora Vukašinović

Anja Vukosavljević

Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
65 m2

Teodora Vukašinović

Project Partners

Contractors: Custom style

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