Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup

Last year, Anna Maresova, the designer behind the Whoop·de·doo brand of intimate aids for women, expanded her portfolio with a new menstrual cup, demonstrating the beauty of sustainable design with an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use hygiene products.
The shape of the cup lets it hold a large volume of blood for its relatively small size, and because it’s made of medical-grade silicone, it’s soft and velvety yet firm enough to prevent leaks without causing any discomfort. A small ball at the tip makes for easy removal.
The designer also focused on the overall aesthetic of the product and the requirements women have for intimate aids. The Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup comes in red only, which is very practical and is also symbolic of the brand’s open and honest approach to the topic of menstruation. As Anna says, this is the first menstrual cup to show its true colour(s). With it, she’s created a functional, pleasing product for a peaceful and healthy period.


Anna Marešová

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