Waycup Coffee shop, Belgrade

A special request of the client was to create a comfortable place for the pleasure of drinking coffee. Leaving the freedom to the architects by the client, which was proved to be a complete success, the result was a space filled with a positive atmosphere, which, in addition to coffee, was also influenced by a carefully selected shade of blue. The contrast to the blue color is given by the concrete walls left in the natural variant as they were found on the location. The furniture is specially designed by the architects, so that the tables are circular with designed geometric feet, and for the rest of the furniture, wood in natural oak variants was used. The walls and floor are covered with ceramics made as terrazzo, with pebbles in shades of blue. The biggest challenge was to design as many seats as possible in a small space, so that the comfort remains at the maximum level. This place is also characterized by its height, which was left without the formation of a gallery.


Studio OBE


Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
37 m2

Miloš Martinović

Project Partners

FMG Ceramica, MOD Furniture

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