twentyfour emerges as a contemporary reimagining of conventional architectural norms, situated in Rabat, Malta. The residence seamlessly integrates with its surroundings by adhering to the timeless aesthetics of Maltese architecture while infusing a contemporary sensibility. This synthesis between traditional Maltese architecture and a modern aesthetic is not confined to the exterior; it permeates every aspect of the residence.

Situated within a medley of traditional buildings, twentyfour represents a departure from the conventional. It is a singular structure that dares to be different, embracing a minimalistic design approach, stripping out the décor of traditional elements that set it apart. Meticulous attention to detail was dedicated to the deliberate selection of color and curvature. Color was deliberately removed from the palette, and a monochromatic scheme was adopted, following the natural hues of the local stone. The curvilinear design drew inspiration from the traditional archway of the main door. These elements play a pivotal role in shaping the identity of the house, creating an ambiance that is both subdued and inviting. The incorporation of curves in the design not only adds visual interest but also serves to hierarchize the various spaces within the house.


3DM Architecture

Year of completion

Rabat, Malta

Matthew Farrugia

Project Partners

ICI Limited – Real Estate Developers

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