Tuya Mykonos

Tuya Mykonos blossomed from an idea. Before sketches, before projects, before concrete geometry and location plans the studio knew the place had to be a sanctuary – a sanctuary for the bougainvillea plant, living there for over 30 years. The interventions with textures, shapes and colors were intended to highlight the richness of this plant, which explodes and dominates the entire space as soon as the summer sun reaches the shore of the Mediterranean sea. In order to harmonize with the tenderness of bougainvillea vines they chose metal in manufacturing a contemporary arbor to replace the rustic one we found out there. The terrazzo floor, although made with accurate precision, is a reinterpretation of the irregular, organic paving on the surrounding alleys and also a reference to the floor of the church nearby. All pieces of furniture are made in their workshop in Bucharest, but they add an exotic feel to the experience, as they are mostly made of Meranti – high outdoor resistance wood of Asian origin – the perfect complement for green marble. Prominent shades of green, inspired by the colors of local architecture prevail over the location, making it an immersive spot on the labyrinthine streets of Mykonos.


Twins Studio; Mihai Popescu, Nadia Popescu, Ovidiu Balan


Year of completion

Mykonos, Greece

Total area
500 m2

Alex Ionita

Project Partners

VIA.ZZO – terrazo by Aragon

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