Tunnelma CCT Led lighting

TUNNELMA CCT spotlights with color temperature control include the following features: High light quality – Full spectrum, CRI98, it’s versatile – For 24V systems with CCT-led driver or CCT controller. It’s quick to install – The light has quick connectors and it has 600 lumens minimum – The light has a removable opal lens for an increased of 10-15%. It also has a maximum 55 mm high luminaire – Led light must fit into a standard Finnish ceiling structure, a compact transformer – Must fit into the mounting hole of the light and a TRIAC dimmable – Basic led driver is TRIAC dimmable. It’s ready for a smart home – Works with ZigBee, DALI2, etc., it has a long life – +50,000 hours, 7 years guarantee and it’s very sustainable – You should be able to buy light components later. 95% Recycled materials In other words, it is an all-in-one system. Feel free to choose the CCT adjustable led lights of your choice and use them with any of the smart lighting systems or Basic with 3-step free Color temperature and dimming.


Janne Halttu


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Janne Halttu

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