Matterra mug

Human care for a sustainable future, a new biomaterial, and modern science have come together in a remarkable mug inspired by Mother Nature. Matterra is an innovative mug created from 100 % biodegradable materials and renewable resources. All the raw materials we use for our mug are bio-based, i.e. they are from renewable resources. Such types of raw materials result in a much lower carbon footprint, since much less burden the environment from fossil resources. The main raw material is polylactic acid, which is used fermented sugar as the main raw material. Sugar is obtained from agricultural residues, so we are not interfering with the source of food for both humans and animals. As an addition, we used local hops. The destructive form symbolizes the problems of excessive consumption of virgin raw materials in disposable products. Seemingly random lines map into a confluence of Carinthian rivers. Innovation is a product of sustainability and integration in society and between companies.


Ekstera d.o.o. (product design), Yootree d.o.o. (graphic design)

O.P.S. Breznik d.o.o.

Year of production

Yootree d.o.o.

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