BAU 2023_Space In The Name Of Experience

Trimo creates spaces with building envelope solutions. These spaces form the scene for the user’s experiences. The booth for BAU 2023 creates spaces where the user feels at home. The venue, with its tower-shaped dominant, represents the exterior of the building, which, with its Wellbeing Boost Bar, attracts users inside. The interior in the ambient design of the living room offers the user comfort and relaxation. The atmosphere while sipping coffee in the pleasant ambiance of the home’s living room inspires the last skeptic to talk about business. A counter lined with homemade Trimo potica takes care of eager passers-by. Potica’s homely smell attracts everyone to try it, and the people of Trimov kindly address them and invite them into the living room. Comfortably placed in a pleasant environment and in the company of interesting interlocutors, Trimo solutions will get under their skin when they see in their home armchair that Trimo is the only solution for their business.


Trimo d.o.o.; Špela Lokar

Trimo, architectural solutions, d.o.o.

Year of completion


Munich, Germany

Total area
38 m2

Klemen Razinger

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