Restoration and reinforcement of Castle Preza

The Castle of Preza is a 1st category monument and a fortification of great importance. It has been built during the 15th century and is an asset with a long history of intervention phases. The earthquake of November 2019 had a catastrophic impact on most of the tangible cultural heritage in central Albania including the castle of Preza. The effects of the earthquake were major masonry collapses in the two towers of the Castle and severe damage on the fortification wall in between. An emergent stabilization of both towers, initiated the process to proceed after thorough research on the condition of the building and the reasons that brought the collapse and damages, finalizing the restoration proposal. The interventions were challenging and delicate and required a high level of engineering expertise and good knowledge of traditional structures. The processes went from reconstruction to structural rehabilitation, reinforcement using innovative materials in combination with traditional techniques, and use of saved original materials. It represents a project of monument recovery, with its treatment of existing pathologies, not addressed for years, and the improvement of its structural integrity with the final goal of bringing it back to the community of Preza.


CHwB Albania (Cultural Heritage without Borders)

U.S. Embassy in Albania (AFCP-Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation), Swedish Government (SIDA), Albanian Ministry of Culture

Year of completion

Prezë, Tiranë, Albania

Total area
138 m2

Site area
4.854 m2

Liridon Cani, CHwB Albania team

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Grigor Angjeliu (Engineer of Historic Structures), Ervin Paci (Structural engineer), Arben Spaho (Restoration architect), Skender Allkja (Geotechnic Engineer),
Gjerak Karaiskaj (Restoration architect), National Institute of Cultural Heritage (Partner), World Monuments Fund (Scientific support)
LEON konstruksion shpk (Project implementation company)

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