Trojan XXI

TROJAN – a coffee table at first sight – is a hiding space that holds a similar amount of warriors as a legendary Trojan Horse. Chess pieces meticulously manufactured TOWARNA are cast from concrete as well as some of the most monumental antique buildings.
Chessboard is made of 68 hand-folded parts of a special wood veneer with an unusual wood texture that can be seen for example in interiors of luxury cars.
Under the table top is a “box of chocolates” with beds for sleeping warriors.
The double-sided table top can turn a chess table into a coffee or storage table.
The body and legs are made of tough oak wood which enabled the precise processing of the organic curves of the table. Oak wood enables us to use a special method of deep colouring. Thanks to it we achieve the reminiscent look of walnut wood without the necessity of dyeing. The components contained in the wood react differently and therefore the original texture is always created.


FUTURO studio, Czech Republic

FUTURO studio, Czech Republic

Year of production
the end of 2020/ beginning of 2021

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