A new, sophisticated, and airy model arrived in the line of our Hannabi sofas, which are colorful, livable, and suitable for all living situations, in the spring – this is TOPAN. The TOPAN sofa is inspired by the filigree, slender and elegant lines of the Torii gates of traditional Japanese architecture. The torii is a dividing line, a symbolic boundary between the ordinary world and the land beyond, the world of humans and gods, and the world of the kami. In homes, the living room and its central element is the sofa, where we can calm down and rest, and transition from the active world to our own world. The clean and airy yet extremely stable TOPAN is a base that serves as a table or as a plinth for sitting and reclining furniture at the same time. As is typical of Hannabi products, this product can also be customized to the exact centimeter and supplemented with soft upholstered sitting or lying elements.


Aniko Racz


Year of production

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