The Walkable Summit Journal, Sexten

The summit book is written proof of heroic deeds in the mountains. Each spectacular first climb told of courage, great ambition, mental strength and technical ability – not to mention a certain measure of madness.
It is these very conquests that have been documented in the books high up in the mountains since the late 19th century.
It was 150 years ago that the first peaks of the Dolomites were climbed. To make these moments accessible and to make it possible to trace these complex facets of the entries in the summit books was the mission and the wish for jubilee year “150 years of alpinism in the Sesto Dolomites” after the inclusion of the Dolomites in the UNESCO World Heritage List 10 years ago.
The result is a temporary installation that can be traversed and shows selected entries from the first ascents of the Cima Grande, Cima Piccola and Cima Dodici from various perspectives and points of view.
After the summer of 2019, the installation dissolves again into its individual parts: each element becomes a bench that is distributed over the area of Sesto. In this way, the individual summit moments can still be experienced and walked on.


Plasma Studio

Tourismusverein Sexten

Year of completion

Sexten, Italy

Michael Pezzei

Project Partners

Erlacher Tischlerei

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