Agricultural Pavilion Bressanella, Besana in Brianza

Bressanella Agricultural Pavilion is located in Brianza, which is one of the most densely populated areas in Italy and Europe, where land has been consumed to commercial and residential uses at sky-high rates. In this context, a small farm has decided to bet on sustainable and ethical values, against mainstream trends being part of the Short Food Supply. Our project aims at building an architecture where the producers can be in close contact with the consumers to share and create ideas and values. It is a clear example of how architecture can be key in a renovation process.

Statement by the jury
The Italian pavilion by a25architetti consciously implements sustainability principles in its design and purpose, combining both low-tech and high-tech solutions, with the goal of providing a stronger connection between producers and consumers.


a25architetti; Francesco Manzoni, Paolo Manzoni

Cascina Bressanella

Marcello Mariana

Year of completion

Besana in Brianza, Italy

Total area
300 m2

Project Partners

F.C. Costruzioni, Cwisspearl – Integralplan

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