Talee – 3D printed cranial orthosis

Over 2 % of children suffer from the severe head shape deformity, also called a flat head syndrome. Talee is a 3D printed cranial orthosis, designed for effective and comfortable orthotic treatment during a 3 month long period. Lightweight, double-layered construction allows for natural growth of baby`s head to obtain a desired shape, while maintaining thermal comfort and hygiene. Use of various structures and shell thicknesses allows for it to be stiff on one side and bioresponsive on the other. Generally smooth and rounded shape, with use of pastel colors and simple patterns, upon which the parents decide using interactive configurator, are used to suppress the stigma of a medical device, and rises both children and parents acceptance of the product. The helmet itself is generated by an algorithm within seconds, based on 3D scan of the baby’s head and various patient-specific clinical data, and then 3D Printed using low waste technology from reusable material.

Aleš Grygar, Czech Republic; Invent Medical, Czech Republic

Invent Medical, Czech Republic

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