Steininger Fold. Kitchens in Their Pure Form

Design is orientation. Design is differentiation. The kitchens from STEININGER set high quality requirements, they stand out clearly and set standards that move. The same applies to the new kitchen model FOLD at STEININGER. FOLD is a form-strong statement with cubistic surface made in tombac, a golden and shimmering brass finish. The alloy is made using a computer-based method in millimeter fraction precisely prepared and perfected by hand. Encased this way the iconic kitchen seems to float. The design is clear, purist, simple and yet highly functional. The kitchen model FOLD will also be available in other metals and alloys.

FOLD, a brass kitchen island that seems to float. The design is reminiscent of origami, with a purist, refined aesthetic and technical sophistication with exciting detail. FOLD is handmade, tailored to each client and equipped with the highest comfort. M.POD, a 32-inch touchpad, serves as a high-tech work surface. The smart kitchen functions are controlled centrally and intuitively. The specially hardened and visually bonded safety glass withstands all the requirements of a kitchen countertop.


steininger.designers gmbh, Austria

steininger.designers gmbh, Austria

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