House by the Sea

An Italophile family – with a 1972 Fiat Cinquecento and season tickets to the opera in nearby Trieste – fulfils its dream of a house by the sea. A beautiful and challenging task, pursuing the idea of “Bella Italia”. An existing building from the 1970s is used as a basis, significantly expanded and reorganized. The old trees, the structure of the old stone walls and the terraces down to the sea form the atmospheric backbone. The house by the sea offers enough space for the large family and for friends over three floors. You live inside and outside. The sea always forms that fantastic background. The individual rooms are lavishly furnished and rich in detail. Typical Italian materials, colors and motifs are combined with calmer, almost Scandinavian elements. As in all our projects, zones with different moods are created. Entertaining places for being together. Relaxing places for retreat. The kitchen as a center. The blue pool for a joyful splash. The pizza oven. The garden has been replanted for the most part. Rosemary, lavender, cacti, pomegranate and olive trees play the leading role. And of course, the sea.


Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten ZT GmbH

Year of completion

Duino, Italy

Total area
206 m2

Site area
605 m2

David Schreyer

Project Partners

Site supervision: Davide Martinuzzi, Structural design: Studio Ingegneria Strutturale dott. Iztok Smotlak

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