For this house, the narrow strip of land and the urbanistic rules of the site had a major impact on the location of the building on the site. Starting from the maximum size object (a 16m x 8.85m x 6.25m parallelepiped), incisions were made so as to create intimacy from the neighbors, to create access and to bring optimum lighting in all the rooms. We used eco-friendly materials and high-efficiency thermal insulation; the overlooking windows intend to fully make use of the natural light while diminishing the greenhouse effect.The interior and exterior design is created using simple lines, with contrasting surfaces and a small range of objects. The complex technical elements are hidden away to allow a better understanding of the interior-exterior relation and the elements which are important to the owner.


Zeno Ardelean Birou Individual De Arhitectura


Year of completion

Timișoara, Romania

Total area
239 m2

Site area
562 m2

Victor Băluțiu, Zeno Ardelean

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Architecture & Interior Design: Zenarch, Arch. Zeno Ardelean; Structural Engineering: Cornel Farcaș; Electrical Engineering: Lucian Toma Volintiru; Hvac & sanitary Engineering: Gelu Popa Aristide; General Contractor: Sc Conq Srl, Sebastian Ciociltea

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