Beauty workshop, Chisoda

” What are (…) girls made of?
Sugar and spice and everything nice ” – Robert Southey (1774–1843) a rhyme used by animator Craig McCracken when he created the American superhero animated television series “The Powerpuff Girls”
Sugar – we worked with oak wood, places for greenery and soft coloured accents to make the place feel comfy and playful, but also to mark the most important spots.
Spice – using suspended furniture and transparency to create means of interaction between users, while keeping a close eye on functionality, durability and space organizing without massive elements. The frames lift any hard to clean under type of objects, while defining different places without making the place feel heavy, dark and small.
Everything nice – the clients: a team of warm hearted professionals that started their own family and friends business.
Chemical X – the uncle metalworker, balancing the low budget available to get the job done.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Good use of lines, planes and volumes, mixed with a touch of colours and raw materials can balance a 12.000 eur budget into something attractive and cosy.


NOI studio; Andi – Alexandru Buftea, Ariana Ţuţuianu

Atelierul de frumuseţe

Year of completion

Chisoda (Timisoara), Romania

Total area
60 m2

ADMO Studio; Ovidiu Micşa

Project Partners

Electric Still & Gheorghe Carjan, Novistudio furniture

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