Stadtkino – Ludwig & Adele

Stadtkino is one of Vienna’s most important art house cinemas. Ludwig & Adele is a restaurant run by one of the city’s most exciting gastronomy teams. The stellar combo plus the Albertina Modern Museum occupy the historic Künstlerhaus, one of the first buildings on the Ringstrasse, steps away from the Wiener Musikverein, the Wien Musem, the Kunsthalle, and the Secession, all in all adding up to one of the capital’s most vibrant cultural clusters. The western ancillary exhibition hall was converted into a cinema in the mid-century. To accommodate the new program, the original hall was divided in two floors. The upper, more generously proportioned floor houses the cinema while the ground floor, more squatly proportioned, houses the foyer, restaurant, and kitchen. The main entrance was shifted to the side, away from the ornamental portico. A double height vestibule was added in a Modernist style. Our design for the ground floor had to contend with two challenges: to respond to the awkward spatial qualities resulting from the original cinema conversion seventy years ago, and to organize a space shared by two, very different tenants. Without creating absolute boundaries that would sacrifice the openness of the space, the plan locates the restaurant and the foyer in distinct zones relative to a crossing of circulation axes leading from the entrance to the cinema.


Tzou Lubroth Architekten

KBBG Künstlerhaus Besitz- und Betrieb GmbH

Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
350 m2

Vilma Pflaum

Project Partners

Lighting Consultant: Erco, Carpentry: Tischlerei Gruber, Chairs & Stools: Nikari & Magis

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