SOM STORE X D415. X is a supporting idea element in the interior design. X in connection with fashion stands for & Concept Store X Local Fashion. SOM STORE is a Concept Store, which covers the Slovak & Czech fashion designer selection. Introvert X Extrovert. SOM STORE is a multi-brand store that covers various brands and designers. The architectural solution is designed so that each fashion designer has its own equivalent separate space. In the store, we work with the Introvert X Extrovert theme by turning the walls, which gradually reveal individual designer collections as you walk through the space. The space from the entrance has an introverted character, revealing the displayed content only partially, but gradually as we enter the space, the designers’ collections are revealed and we move to the extroverted position of the store. Textile Structure X Space Grid. Flat textile and its cross structure are the basic supporting elements of fashion designer for the spatial construction of clothing. The flat grid that was based on the letter “X” is a kind of “flat textile” of the architect and creates a basis for the spatial division of the interior.


Interior; Author of the project: Peter Gonda, Project cooperation: Zoran Samoľ, Ľubomír Šoška

Som Store

Year of completion

Bratislava, Slovakia

Total area
209 m2


Project Partners

Contractor – webpage, Graphic design –, Realisation company –, Carpentry work –, Lighting – Svetelné, Electrical installations –

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