Soho Coffee Shop

The idea behind the project is to create a new visual experience, where you can “watch the world go by”. For this kind of experience it is of essential meaning for the place to be elevated above the street level, to let people sit there comfortably; and it is essential, that the front of the porch be open, pierced with openings. The main idea is the process of blending coffee, represented by veneer pieces suspended from the ceiling, which create dramatic effect in the inner space. The ceiling installation is created by 7 hundred pieces. Among the veneer there are lights that create illusion of sunlight which reinforces the warm and cozy atmosphere. We adopted the concept of using local materials, such as white “sivec” marble, blending it with the concept of recycled architecture, by using paper tubes for the bar. The most characteristic thing is the number of atmospheres that this space creates through the day. In the central area of this lovely space we put the legendary shell chair by Hans J. Wegner.


GVRL+ architecture and design; Gavril Boshkoski

Soho Coffee Shop

Year of completion

Prilep, North Macedonia

Total area
37 m2

Site area
29 m2

Ljupcho Atanasoski

Project Partners

Marble Made

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