We are missing people

After the largest forest fire in the modern history of the Czech Republic, Bohemian Switzerland came up with an extremely creative crisis communication. Due to lack of time, finances and human resources, they decided to use modern technology and innovate the concept of tourism presentation in the destination. As it was impossible to manage the entire production process in a few days, the team decided to use this as a competitive advantage. They simply illustrated the tourists that were missing in the destination. Instead of the cliché of beautiful landscape photographs, the concept of composite photography consisting of illustrations of people as well as CGI (computer generated imagery) was used. A series of thematic composites thus represent the different areas of tourism – wellness, experiences, gastronomy, hiking, accommodation and culture.


Miroslav Kokta (Art Director and Producer)
Jiri Lizler (Photographer)
Adela Stopka (Illustrator)
Ivan Hryhorjuk (CGI artist)
and the team of Bohemian Switzerland

Tourism Entrepreneur
Bohemian Switzerland destination agency

Czech Republic

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