The project addresses the industrial built and cultural heritage theme. Existing ensemble taken over: two buildings belonging to the old Iron Factories (ca. 1885), parasitic constructions and other unsanitary annexes. Objective: to create a multifunctional ensemble with the main function: restaurant. After identifying the building phases, the objects and the original elements, we removed the parasitic buildings and rehabilitated the two buildings with historical substance. We used reversible structures and same era material for punctual interventions; we rely on the sincere use of materials, in their raw form. The existing ensemble is complemented by a new, linear body that seeks to become a backdrop for the garden and the street, inspired by the details of the old industrial buildings and perpetuating, in a contemporary manner, their spirit. The intent was to insert a new function in a site with history, with the intention of enhancing it and helping it to come back to life.








Authors: Irina Filofi, Catalin Trandafir
Photos: Cosmin Dragomir
Client: Micro Mega HD
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Hunedoara, Romania
Surface: 1200 m2


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