Restaurant & Experimental Theatre Cafeneaua Veche 9

Cafeneaua Veche 9 is Cafeneaua Veche from 1812, frequented by famous names of Romanian literature: Eminescu, Veronica Micle, Caragiale and King Carol the IInd. The challenge? Preserving its historical value, while making the place relevant in the present. The ground floor, with rooms arranged in steps, consists of 4 chambers (restaurant & coffee shop) with a cross-vaulted roof and a professional kitchen. The rooms with high, curved windows are separated by arches whose end perspective is the “Tree of Life” – symbolizing the rebirth of this place. The layout of the basement gallery has light as its main element, which helps create scenographic effects suited to any type of event. The focal point of the space is the stage. Guests discover something new with each visit. In the morning, the coffee shop, remote work before afternoon in the lounge area. At lunch, pizza in the central bar. Dinner in the main restaurant, business talks in the VIP room. In the evening, jazz shows in the gallery.



Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
270 m2

Stelian Popa

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