Radio Bezel

The wireless screen contains a new control concept and brand-new technology. The built-in control offers all modern control and regulation parameters as well as a completely new sensor system. Furthermore, the operating concept has been adapted to the changing requirements of the users. All control and regulation systems as well as a voltage transformer are permanently installed in the new inner screen. Only a 110 – 230 V power connection is required to put the ventilation system directly into operation. The sensor system, for example, no longer only records the interior parameters, it also registers the humidity and temperature of the outside air and adjusts the volume flows of the ventilation units independently and precisely to this. An integrated, barely perceptible push-button on the side of the panel offers the possibility of manually intervening in the ventilation behavior as required and desired without the need for an additional switch, a control element, or even a display.


Culture Form GmbH

LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG für Raumluftsysteme

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