Modulee food court Zagreb

Modulee is Zagreb’s first temporary modular food court, located on the north corner of Zagreb’s Fair parking lot. It operates during summer months, which is an off-season period for the Fair – thus creating a new seasonal go-to place on otherwise poorly used space. The project consists of thirty-five container units in dark anthracite color, set onto two floors with openings, terraces, balconies and lounges. The courtyard hosts nine bars and restaurants with central seating area with adjacent planting. In addition, Modulee has several design elements making it an innovative and special place to be. Such is, for example, a vertical container frame with a disco ball, large rainbow stairs for hanging out, swing seating elements, an exhibition space container, a library, an upper module used for a DJ/music band along with deck lounges having good overview around the entire place. Both people of Zagreb and visitors have accepted Modulee as their own, proving a temporary architecture is a thing.


Jure Kotnik s.p.; Maja Buconjić Barišić, Jure Kotnik, Tihomil Matković


Year of completion

Zagreb, Croatia

Total area
992 m2

Site area
10.000 m2


Project Partners

Agencija Señor

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