PNoē massage

The aim was to design and configure a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior for “PNoe Massage” in Argos, Greece. The business, situated on the ground floor of a new urban apartment building, lacked a distinct identity. Our mission: create a space with 3 massage rooms, a staff area, reception, and lobby, inspiring visitors with mental and physical relaxation upon entry. Despite short customer wait times, our primary goal was to swiftly establish a tranquil atmosphere. Completing the project within a tight timeframe and limited budget presented a creative challenge, testing our practicality and ingenuity.

Notwithstanding constraints, we remained committed to delivering a high-quality aesthetic result aligned with the client’s specifications. Inspired by the clean and minimal trend prevalent on social media, our client sought spaces promoting peace and relaxation. This “Instagram” aesthetic, known for stimulating imagination, required us to translate photography’s art and rules into a three-dimensional space, aiming for a direct and experiential replication of the desired feeling.

Focused on housing a physical wellness business, we adopted a holistic approach to stimulate each sense individually. Our interior design aimed to evoke calm, relaxation, and security through touch, sight, hearing, and smell. Using diverse textures, color tones, and soft lighting elements strategically placed throughout the space, we crafted an environment that provides sensory stimuli for visitors. Establishing a unified identity was crucial for the project. Earth tones and natural materials like wood and bamboo created a warm ambiance, reflecting PNoe Massage’s philosophy. Indirect warm lighting enhanced a Mediterranean twilight atmosphere, while brown hues evoked sandy landscapes and African highlands. Varied wall textures added depth, enlivening the space with natural effects, and providing visual and tactile stimulation. Curved elements gracefully guided visitors, lending the space a soft, sensual character. We recommended investing in soothing aromas and audio equipment for a more immersive experience, enhancing relaxation and warmth.

Physical well-being, spiritual elevation, and mysticism – elements that perfectly suited the task we undertook and successfully completed.


SOMA architecture studio

Karavelos Nikolaos

Year of completion

Argos, Greece

Total area
85 m2

Ιοannis Sotiropoulos

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