OO Eyewear

OO Eyewear is an accessory that finds a playful substitute for the hinge by asking the user to wrap the object around their mind with an elastic cord. They are intended to be a filter for your most used sense, and when not worn, they sit on your chest/heart as a statement object, always on hand if the sun shows up. We are a team of architects and designers with a passion for product design and we use our knowledge to design honest and innovative products from scratch in our workshop. We have been producing OO Eyewear since 2013, and with time we improved the technical aspects of production and comfort levels. OO Eyewear pieces are designed to last and because they don’t have any joints or moving parts they don’t break easily, making their long lifespan part of their sustainability. By wearing OO Eyewear, you create probably the smallest space between your mind and an object.


Prototip Studio

Prototip Studio

Year of completion


Vlad Braga, Andras Gabor, Emil Costrut, Alexandra Buraga

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