Nafurt Cutting Board

We love wood, food and we love design. That is why we designed a specially shaped cutting board. It is a great helper in the kitchen and it looks cool as a serving tray under popular delicacies. The main idea of the shape of our cutting board was combining ergonomic parameters with a unique look. The design of the cutting board is inspired by gemstones as we want our clients to feel like they have a diamond in their kitchen. All edges are sanded at certain angels so that the cutting board can always be easily grasped, shifted or moved. We work with wood from Czech forests which is processed into the desired design by a jointer from a small Moravian village. The cutting boards are handmade from local material with respect to nature and sustainability. Every board is made out of one piece of wood. Rather than fast machine production we want to give our clients a unique product that will make the experience of preparing and consuming meals more enjoyable.


Václav Kocián, Luděk Hanulík

Luděk Hanulík

Year of production

Vladimír Kiva Novotný

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