DADA cradle

The DADA cradle was created as a personal non – commercial project for my son David. Based on reactions of our friends who are also parents, it became clear that the project could have potential for small – scale production. The cradle has normally relatively short period of use, therefore it is designed to be easily disassembled and stored. No fasteners or glue are needed for assembly. It is built only from flat parts so it takes up minimal storage space. This enables its un limited re-use or re-sale. One of the side walls can be lifted, so baby can be in contact with the parent if the cradle is next to parents’ bed. Design is optimized to CNC mill fabrication and the waste material can be used for other products. The only material used is oiled beech plywood from local sources and it meets all the necessary standards for production of children’s furniture. So we hope that the product is as ecological as possible.


artaban studio; Petr Fiala

Petr Fiala

Year of production

Petr Fiala

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