Mostar (future) Herit Routes

Mostar Herit Routes map contains 4 thematic cultural – tourist routes in the city of Mostar (architectural, cobblestone, recreational and street art route), as alternatives to the usual tourist routes, with the objective to relieve tourist flows in the area of the Old Bridge, and to discover other layers of rich cultural heritage of Mostar. In addition to the printed edition, the maps are available for free download in pdf format, as well as an app for iOS and Android smartphones. Complete with bags, magnets and other souvenirs with a specific visual identity, the maps represent a valuable tourist product, while using the map is a unique cultural and tourist experience. Map is a part of the Interreg MED HERIT – DATA project with the objective to reduce the impact of tourism activities on cultural heritage sites, by taking advantage of technology. While collecting big data about tourism flows and using an online analytical platform, it helps stakeholders to manage the tourism in a smarter way, and tourists to better organize their visits. The project has been focused on six pilot sites (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), including Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Author of the creative story
Istraživački centar za prostor (Igor Kuvač, Isidora Karan); Udruženje za afirmaciju arhitekture, kulture prostora i vizuelnih umjetnosti “ForA” (Esma Šantić, Enida Šetka, Maja Rubinić, Ilda Kero); IODATA (Duško Angirević)

Year of completion

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ilda Kero

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