BOHO Steak House, Sarajevo

Restaurant Boho is located in the most famous skyscraper in Sarajevo, known as “Avaz Twist Tower”. More precisely, it is located on the 31st floor, from which there are impeccable views of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is about the reconstruction of the existing restaurant. The existing restaurant in this area was in bad condition, so it was necessary to make a new restaurant project that will use the potential of this location, the building and the height itself because of the views towards the city. The main desire of the investor was to create one of the most luxurious restaurants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has a wide range of gastronomic offers, as well as other entertainment events. With this fact, the studio started thinking about the interior space and designing this restaurant. The main guiding idea was to create a space that is equally attractive day and night. It was necessary to design a space that is also suitable for night content. The challenge was to design and create an interior space that has a specific radial-shaped floor plan.


Sead Hadžibeganović, Sandra Seferagić, Aida Karić, Amina Kikanović, Lamija Madžarević

Year of completion

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total area
292 m2

Alen Alibegović

Stage 180°

Project Partners

VALPAINT DESIGN – Jungle Coccodrillo, RASVJETA d.o.o., Sarajevo – Light4, Slamp WALLS&FLOORS, Kakanj – La Fabbrica, Tonino Lamborghini collection Korium, Aparici

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