Millennium Center, Sofia

The Millennium Center consists of three towers – a hotel on 32 floors, a residential building on 18 floors and an office centre on 24 floors, united by a five-floor base. The chosen architectural approach – a combination of three buildings reduces the monolithic volume, bringing the scale closer to the urban environment and maintaining a significant presence. The type and colours of the finishing materials are also consistent with the colours and character of the city in order to get as close as possible to the city silhouette. The glass facade reflects the surrounding buildings and the sky, while the greyish colour of the facade elements draws a parallel to the building’s surroundings. This method creates a visual accent while also softening the effect of dominance in the silhouette of the city. A new generation energy-efficient energy system has been designed for the entire building through an integrated system with intelligent central control.


Amfion LTD


Year of completion

Sofia, Bulgaria

Total area
140.000 m2

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